Cross-country or nordic skiing and yoga in the

Villars and Gryon area of Switzerland


Skis off, join the trees, tree posture

Hilary has cross-country skied, classic style, for even longer than she has practised yoga, and this sport is still her favourite winter sport. It allows that exhilarating sense of well-being after a great work-out, but above all, takes you to places where you can experience silence in the still mountain air away from the pounding pistes. A wonderful warm-down of yoga stretches completes your day after a few hours of aerobic skiing. Even better, you can use your yoga postures and real awareness of the body to prepare your muscles before and during your skiing. Please feel free to discuss how these two disciplines can be integrated into your holiday plans according to the snow conditions and your situation. learning that yoga can be practised in any situation!

For some of the more adventurous of you, you might eventually want to traverse sections of the Jura for three days, learning that yoga can be practised in any situation!


Perfect tracks on the Col de la Croix road


Mountain walking and yoga


Summit of le Pointe de Savoleyres, home of eidelweiss and chamois

Similarly to cross country skiing, if you know where to go, you can still find places to experience that silence that is so rare in our busy lives. Perhaps with Hilary's intimate knowledge of this wonderful area and its flora and fauna, you can also find some of that silent space. A yoga class before and/or after the walk can complete the feeling of space in your body and mind. 

These integrated days can have flexible venues, dates and times according to the weather, and, of course in the winter, the snow conditions. Discuss your needs with Hilary.